Bulk, recycled, cheap – what’s not to like?

In an obscure and unmarked store I would never have stumbled upon, you can buy several things not generally sold, such as pure bleach, not the expensive and watered-down Agua Janes, so ubiquitous that the recycling station has a separate bin for its distinctive orange bottles. The real stuff costs a fraction of the diluted.

They also sell detergent that is not watered down, again unlike the crap sold in the supermarket.

It comes in recycled 1.5 liter soft drink bottles (notice the variety of caps). In the beginning, I only had one bottle with the white  at the bottom, and with the latest batch it apears to be normal. I know next to nothing of the chemistry of detergent to guess what it signifies, but regardless we use ‘Deter’ for dishes, clothes, and other duties as assigned.

When you buy it by the funda (wrapped quantity), it’s cheaper. In this case, a little over a dollar  (23 pesos) for 1.5 liters. A single 2-liter bottle of bleach cost 39 pesos, or just under US $2.

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