Forty five, schmorty five

I called the guy who installed our Ñuke wood stove (two years ago) to clean the stove pipe. He finally showed up.

First he cleaned the stove. Then, unable to cleanly remove the bricks of the upper combustion chamber, he broke them in order to gain access to the stove pipe from the bottom. His cleaning tool: 1/2″ flexible black pipe with some wires stuck in the end.

Forty five, schmorty five

He couldn’t get it past the second elbow. So they’ll have to clean it from the top. And replace the bricks. Some day.

I asked them why they didn’t use 45° elbows originally, which would have worked a lot better.

They were supposed to be, he replied.

As someone (was it me?) once quipped: How do you say ‘quality control’ on Latin America? – You don’t.

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