In other news yesterday.

Firewood was delivered yesterday, but the people never showed to clean the chimney.

Mid-morning, our son’s friend arrived at the door quite agitated. The night before another friend drunkenly refused his offer of a couch, instead climbing on his motorcycle to head home. He’s alive, but parked in the hospital for a while with two broken ribs, ruptured spleen, head injuries and perhaps a broken foot. Apparently there was no contact with another vehicle. His is the motorcycle I fixed a few days ago.

By late afternoon, it was clear our dying 18 year old cat Zeus was nearing the end, so we took him to the vet to be put down. As soon as we got back, I buried the body, wrapped in newspaper and still warm, in the front yard near where he used to hang out. I say near because sometimes we’d see him lying in the middle of the street, which didn’t seem a good place to bury him.

45 minutes later our dinner guests arrived.

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  1. Dear Elwood,

    so sorry for all of you to hear of your loss with Zeus. don't know what to say, it will take awhile to adjust to not having him.

    I am not on IM much of late, and certainly understand your own reprieve. However, checking out the UR thread and noticed the comment about your blog and thought I would catch up, and just did so, finding this sad news at the top.

    Still very much considering UR myself, and like to keep up.

    Hope the boy heals and learns a lesson.

    Kinda sad to see your avatar blacked out, hope you'll be back. I phased out for a bit as well after a bit too much aggravation, and got so caught up with other aspects of life, never have quite made it back.

    Talk again later on,

    fawna from “Hendo”, NC

  2. Hello Elwood,
    I had written on the 29th or 30th about being sorry for your loss of Zeus. This is a test, as I am now wondering if I need to log in or something….
    fawna from IM and Hendo. County, NC

  3. Hi Fawna,

    Thanks for your kind thoughts. As when my father died, I think back on the last days of Zeus and remain grateful that we're not stuck in our bodies forever. Penultimate visit to the vet, he smelled the cat's breath – urine – indicating renal breakdown.

    RIP; good life in three countries and no regrets.

  4. Turns out there's a spam filter I wasn't aware of that snagged your comments – better late than never!

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