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Yesterday, we spent a pleasant afternoon and early evening in the campo, at the chacra of friends, having an asado on their parilla.

campo = the country
chacra = ranch (in their case a bit less than 30 acres (11 hectares)
asado = traditional BBQ, also called parrillada, also the name of various cuts of  grilled meat, including carne de asado, which is ribs cut the ‘wrong way.’
parrilla = grill, adjustable and relatively elaborate cooking part of the parillero, which, when enclosed, is called a barbacoa. (Got it?)

You build the fire in the grate to the side. As embers drop below, you rake them underneath the meat, which cooks slowly. Very slowly.

The wrong way to cook meat, according to South Americans
The wrong way to cook meat, according to South Americans

Key point for Norteaméricanos::

If the flames touch the meat, you’re doing it entirely wrong.



4 thoughts on “Culture, language, and cooking

  1. Asado! The civilized way of cooking meat ;slowly,chatting with friends ,enjoying el aperitivo ;that's life ! I learned the joys of asado in Montevideo and still enjoy it in my suburb of Montréal when the wheater cooperates…

  2. The idea of an asado in Montréal intrigues me – but then I've only been in Montréal in winter, en route to Mt. Tremblant, and it's been many years. So I imagine people in thick parkas and woolen scarves huddling near the parrilla, but taking care to not get to close to the fire 😉

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