An even more amazing rabbit chase

It was the most amazing rabbit chase to date. And seeing as we’ve had a rabbit bounce off our legs and escape at a 90° angle (honest!), that’s saying something.

We were in an open area, with woods about 50 meters ahead, when suddenly one of the dogs burst out of the woods, chasing a young rabbit straight down the path towards us. Had the dog been Benji or Jordan, the rabbit would already be dead, but the dog chasing it wasn’t one of the faster ones.

And the little rabbit wasn’t fast at all.

From Pinterest, source unknown

Syd and I immediately stood on the path in the way of the dog and shouted. No time to think, but with the other dogs behind us, in a completely open area, the little rabbit was seconds away from being torn to shreds.

But then something amazing happened.

We didn’t scare the dog, which continued running. But the rabbit abruptly turned around and ran (as fast as it could, but not real fast) straight back on the trail it had just come down, into the woods. All by itself.

Dogs? No, they were running furiously in the opposite direction. They made a wide arc onto the sand road nearby and reversed direction, and it looked like they still had a good chance to intercept the rabbit.

And then they were running everywhere – could the rabbit possibly escape?


Which gave an amazing chase a particularly happy ending.


A day of rain

Saturday’s weather was lovely. Monday’s weather was lovely. But Sunday – !

As you look at the flooded road in front of our house, consider that it has 40 cm (~16″) deep ditches on either side.

Never seen this before

flooded back yard, Uruguay

If you search this site, you can find plenty of photos of rain damage, flooded roads, etc. But the rain was so intense this morning that we actually had a couple of inches of standing water in our back yard at one point. It’s even more amazing when you consider that we live at the beach, and under the grass there lies merely a few inches of soil, and then just sand.

I’ve got some video, but I have to learn a new video editing program before I can stitch it together, so that will be a tomorrow thing.

The hose wants in

garden hose in door

This is why I never turn on the pump in our well without first locating the end of the hose. No, ’twas not I who left it pointing into our dining room. In fact, I always leave at the base of our avocado trees. But a certain curious puppy finds it a delightful thing to drag around the yard.

You rang?