Love your new house!

Mind if we put up this piece of shit ten meters from your back door?

New cell tower, Atlántida, Uruguay

Actually, that’s just a rhetorical question. We could care less what you think.

New cell tower, Atlántida, Uruguay

And who is we?

My neighbor Wayne tipped me off to this. I hadn’t been by recently, but know it well. This house is new, and this radiation tower even newer, and all of a quarter mile (.4 km) from the one installed a year and a half ago.

316 meters (1,034 feet) from our front door. The previous is 544 meters (1,785 feet) away.

In contrast to when I posted before, I now have a smart phone, and took these pictures with it. It has less bulk than my digital camera, many more capabilities, and is a great help traveling: Lyft, AirBnB, etc. However, generally when I carry it it’s in airplane mode. I don’t consider more radiation a good thing.

As I don’t consider another, closer radiation tower a good thing.


Radiation tower work continues


This morning a crew is working on the new radiation tower near us. My only observations previously about radiation towers have been that a) they appear overnight, and b) they never go away. In this case, as far as I can tell, nothing has been done for almost three weeks.

Overnight, Uruguay-style.

This morning’s non-events

This might go faster than I expected:


Unfortunately, I was correct:


Gorgeous day, inexplicably empty beach:


Populated only by large dead fish, perhaps caught in changing salt/fresh water in yesterday’s stormy weather. With eyes intact: not a sign of seagulls. Yet.

dog with fish on beach, Uruguay
Benji is still at that “everything’s-a-toy” stage.