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Love your new house!

Mind if we put up this piece of shit ten meters from your back door?

New cell tower, Atlántida, Uruguay

Actually, that’s just a rhetorical question. We could care less what you think.

New cell tower, Atlántida, Uruguay

And who is we?

My neighbor Wayne tipped me off to this. I hadn’t been by recently, but know it well. This house is new, and this radiation tower even newer, and all of a quarter mile (.4 km) from the one installed a year and a half ago.

316 meters (1,034 feet) from our front door. The previous is 544 meters (1,785 feet) away.

In contrast to when I posted before, I now have a smart phone, and took these pictures with it. It has less bulk than my digital camera, many more capabilities, and is a great help traveling: Lyft, AirBnB, etc. However, generally when I carry it it’s in airplane mode. I don’t consider more radiation a good thing.

As I don’t consider another, closer radiation tower a good thing.


Ah , the little things

Despite some sub-optimal experiences, I remain fascinated by things such as this. The cable on the right, which just arrived in the mail from China, elegantly replaces the kluged-together mess that cluttered my desk.

New video cable from China

And, especially in overpriced Uruguay, you’ve got to love this:


Yes, USD 2.45 and free shipping … from China.


In which I fail a simple technological challenge.

Returning from the beach, I thought I’d use the video on my camera to catch the “mewing” sounds of the frogs. I turned it on, heard better sound further along, turned it off, started it again just in time to catch a raucous call, and a loud bird landing next to another overhead in a dead tree.

When I got home, I discovered that I had turned it off when I thought I was starting it, so missed all the good stuff.

So anyway, here’s the bird: