I love it when stuff like this happens

A few years ago, in Buenos Aires, our friend visiting from New York couldn’t believe the little things people were selling on buses, everywhere. “Who would buy a ball point pen?” she wondered. “I just did,” I replied, “I forgot to bring one.”

So couple years later in Manhattan, she emptied her “excess pen” drawer and we returned to Uruguay with a plastic bag full of pens.

Recently, though, that one from Buenos Aires has been my favorite, so I was slightly saddened to throw it in the trash when it ran dry (I might have replaced the guts, but that didn’t seem possible.) Until I realized: WAIT! That spring! Exactly what I’ve been look for to keep our water filter tube from crimping!


Thank you, pen from Buenos Aires!



Have moto, will massage

Massage therapist with table on motorbike in Uruguay

I have shared my fascination with motorbikes here, their number of passengers and what they carry. This rigging of our massage therapist’s to carry his massage table strikes me as rather clever — though I didn’t notice if it hides the brake light.

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Two plus





Problem solved.

I kept forgetting to bring our workers in the country a broom handle to replace the one that broke (goods sold in Uruguay being generally shoddy).

Resourcefulness +1

We’re still drawing water from the well with a rope, which gets completely twisted. Our ‘everything’ guy Martín suggested a metal thingie that allows it to rotate, didn’t like the way I installed it, and did it a different way, with a knot that left the bucket at the bottom of the well in the middle of my watering routine today.

He made a hook out of thin metal construction rod and started fishing. (He’s a fisherman.)

No luck. I was heading home for lunch; said I’d bring back a strong flashlight and another bucket so they could continue work in the meantime, since brickwork requires water.

Two doors down, on a whim, I asked my neighbor if by chance he had a strong flashlight. No, but he had a bucket I could borrow. That would definitely save time. Being only 100 meters away, I left the car and walked back with the bucket.

fish hook

In the few minutes of my absence, Martín had fashioned a treble hook, fished out two buckets from the bottom of the well, and assured me there was a third, which he left for now. Attached a bucket to the rope in place of the hook, and went back to work.

Plumber’s toolkit

Washing machine drum - plumber's tool box

I took a plumber/well guy to the campo to check our well (plenty of water).

Had to take a picture of his tool carrier.

You can’t make this stuff up.