Cat energy returns

After burying cats Zeus and Mr Peepers (and dog Karma) in the last ten months, we’ve had just two dogs, and while I’d like to say the house has been quiet, when one of them is a Shih Tzu, that possibility simply does not exist.

Meanwhile, it was inevitable that cat energy would return to the house, and here it is. Did nothing but sleep yesterday afternoon. He’s rested now.

No name yet.

Peaceful resting place

Our dog of twelve years, Karma,  developed a tumor about six months ago, six months after I thought we would have to put her down because of a cyst forming on her spine. But she happily walked to the beach every day, and we watched carefully for any sign of discomfort, since we let the last dog Pandora hang on too long.

Last Friday, the tumor – size of a baseball – doubled (or more) in size, and the dog wouldn’t lie down or even sit, but stood all day, panting, or following us around. Our lovely country neighbor, a vet, came with her father in the evening, did an exam and announced that it was an edema which would rupture in a day or two – very ugly. It was our decision, but the dog actually made it. Calmly lay down on its side for the first time that day, eager for relief.

Digging the grave was hard – not emotionally so much as physically: clay.

Third pet buried in nine months:

Zeus: 4/29/2012

Peepers: 10/12/2012

In other news yesterday.

Firewood was delivered yesterday, but the people never showed to clean the chimney.

Mid-morning, our son’s friend arrived at the door quite agitated. The night before another friend drunkenly refused his offer of a couch, instead climbing on his motorcycle to head home. He’s alive, but parked in the hospital for a while with two broken ribs, ruptured spleen, head injuries and perhaps a broken foot. Apparently there was no contact with another vehicle. His is the motorcycle I fixed a few days ago.

By late afternoon, it was clear our dying 18 year old cat Zeus was nearing the end, so we took him to the vet to be put down. As soon as we got back, I buried the body, wrapped in newspaper and still warm, in the front yard near where he used to hang out. I say near because sometimes we’d see him lying in the middle of the street, which didn’t seem a good place to bury him.

45 minutes later our dinner guests arrived.