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Busy sky!

Atlántida, Uruguay

I try to limit posts to a photo or two, but there are times, like yesterday, where one or two photos don’t do justice.

Lively sky, Uruguay

There appears to be a congress above the neighbors’ house.

Lively sky, Uruguay

Not to difficult to see faces interacting.

Lively sky, Uruguay

A dragon?

Lively sky, Uruguay

A dinosaur?

Lively sky, Uruguay

Lively sky, Uruguay

Lively sky, Uruguay

Lively sky, Uruguay

Lively sky, Uruguay

All leading up to …

Sunset, Atlántida, Uruguay

… a spectacular finale!

Sunset clouds and moon, Atlántida, Uruguay



At the end of the day…


…you set aside the corruption and official incompetence you’ve witnessed, set aside the reflections of a native on a culture that rewards mediocrity and discourages ambition, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the sky as the sun sets,


grateful it doesn’t look like what you saw so often in North America and Europe.

Strange summer weather

Storm front, Atlántida,Uruguay

The weekend looks to be clearing up after suffocating heat yielded to suffocating heat and rain, then today’s “still-too-cold-for-shorts-and-tshirt” weather. Whereas a few days ago I shut the window next to me to keep out the heat, this morning I have it shut to keep out the cool.

I made this slightly surreal composite image a couple days ago. Minutes later the front passed overhead, doing little more than looking scary.