Géant catches on

I mentioned the clueless shopping-cart situation at Géant, the “hipermercado” near the airport, where they line up the carts in a dead-end stall, and you have to pull one out backwards before entering the store.

Well, lo and behold, they now ask you to take your cart in the parking lot from the place you return it. Why not?

Esteemed clients, please take and return your cart here.


More curupay and the “pobre Meriva”

Curupay decking in car
One of many loads in the “pobre Meriva,” the poor Chevy Meriva, which functions as the pickup truck I don’t have.

I’ve mentioned curupay wood before, so when friends said they were replacing their deck and I could have some, I immediately made plans to  build a table (better than this one). I didn’t want to be greedy, because what remained they’d use as firewood.

Dinger joint curupay strips
Finger joints: in the north, the strongest point in the board. Here, the weakest, since they didn’t use waterproof glue!

Then they announced plans to leave Uruguay, so I thought “why not?” They’d consider it a favor if I cleared it all out, cleaned up, and re-stacked their firewood to make the place look neater.

Back home, many hours of removing screws, stacking lumber. Many possibilities for projects. And some incredible firewood too.





What’s wrong with this picture?

back-to-school ad in Uruguay

I took these images from a back-to-school promotion from Géant, a large Wal-Marty place near the airport. All the other images of kids shared this same, most un-Uruguayan characteristic.

Is it as obvious to you as it is to me?