Fancy camera stuff

This is what happens when you push “panorama” instead of “video.” Poor little phone-computer tries to stitch together several frames in a pretty way.

Lesson (maybe) learned: don’t try to learn new features on your smartphone in bright sunlight. Probably best not to be standing on a roof as well.




Spam comments

The people that make WordPress have a neat plugin that filters out spam comments. Today it seems to have failed, and so my inbox has been filling with this pointless crap, with apparently requisite misspellings.

SPAM Chorizo
Gratuitous image of SPAM sort-of meat product, but OMG this is a real thing — click on image and weep….

I must admit, however, that I like the one about YouTube.

It’s wonfredul to have you on our side, haha!

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My “ghetto” gutter

Several years ago, a departing northerner gave me a short length of plastic gutter, hangers, and a couple other pieces which I installed on our barbacoa. Recently I’ve been inspired — mostly by the unexpected gift of an extra 3-meter gutter section by apparently incompetent employees in a local business that I’m told is a front — to expand it to the full length of the barbacoa. With rain coming yesterday evening, I was eager to get it put together.

Then I discovered that the existing elbow was not in fact 45°, but more like 60°.  This is not my first 45° angle problem in Uruguay.

But hey —

— it worked.

This is a little better, but I’m still not finished. Despite finally learning how to drill holes in walls correctly, I must have hit iron inside the concrete column on one side, so the bracket is more decorative than functional at this point. And maybe I need to splurge on another hanger for the downspout end. Oopa!

Why does the downspout end at knee level, instead of ground level? Well, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, — no, I really don’t want paraphrase that hideous creature who unleashed the neurotoxin aspartame on the world — let’s just say “I worked with what I had.”



Ant hills

multicolored ant hills, Atlántida, Uruguay

The ants have been busy lately in our dog walk area. For some reason, sand beneath the surface is a different color, making the hills particularly conspicuous. I find it interesting how many of them have appeared.

I don’t think they’re always there. Do they appear and disappear, like the several kinds of frogs, from one day to the next?

We also spotted a little snake, ~ 25 cm long, that all six dogs (happily) didn’t notice. From a clump of grass, it zipped between my legs to the safety of a nearby hole. No photo. Happened in seconds.

So how many ant species are there in Uruguay? I’m not counting.

How many ant species do you think there are in the world? Seriously, take a guess, then click here.



Pine from pine

pine tree sprouting in dead pine, Uruguay

Pine trees don’t regrow from stumps, unlike eucalyptus trees. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at this. Apparently a pine cone sprouted inside the rotting stump. How it fares as the stump continues to rot will be interesting to watch!



Refrigerator shelf repair

A few years ago, I looked into buying replacement plastic door shelves for our Bosch (not a good brand when licensed to Brazilians, unfortunately) refrigerator, and they were available from a place in London. I put it off, though, and discovered a year or two ago that they are no longer available for our model. Uh-oh.

But our refrigerator guys were here at some point last year installing a DC split (heating/cooling) unit in our bedroom. DC because a DC motor can be variable speed, unlike AC, so you don’t get crazy noise, and temperature fluctuations. This is helpful if, for example, you’re trying to sleep. We put the previous unit downstairs in the dining room, where it performs admirably despite its diminutive size.

I asked the refrigerator guys about the plastic door shelves. And as an aside pointed out the long dent in the side of the refrigerator that had appeared after they removed it for repairs, a year or three before. The more senior of the two, in his 30s, was horrified at that revelation and offered to fix the shelves for free with epoxy. Can’t complain!

Well, yes, actually can, even for a free job, where a few days turns into a few weeks, and we have to wait a few further weeks for the sticky epoxy to set, since apparently mixing equal amounts of Part A and Part B (thoroughly) presents challenges I am unable to fathom.

Alas, yesterday we realized that the bottom shelf was falling apart, probably because it’s the recipient of the heaviest loads. I consulted with Nico, font of knowledge specializing in the Uruguayan knack of fixing anything with anything, and he suggested I heat plastic with a candle to bend it. (Last time I heated plastic to bend it was around 1974, working in a screen printing shop and making little countertop displays.) I had leftover acrylic from fixing shattered glass in a door window in a casita where a certain muchacho lived for several years, and it worked like a charm. Well, excepting soot.

repairing refrigerator shelf door with acrylic sheet and epoxy

Of course this involved fun with dangerous power tools, in this case my table saw with all safety “features” removed immediately. I marked the depth of each tab cut with a marker. The only problem I had was lifting one tab to put epoxy underneath. It was tight and broke. But there are ten others that “have its back.”

It feels very strong now. We’ll see!



Another visit to Aquas Dulces

Location of Aguas Dulces, Uruguay

Strange structures seem to dance, witch-like, as we drive into Aguas Dulces. They turn out to be paja (straw), the local equivalent of quincho. However, here they also use paja in walls as well as roofs.

Starting my walk around town, I notice what must have once been a map but appears to have evolved into an existential statement:

Faded map in Aguas Dulces, Uruguay
“You are here”

A house that survived, inexplicably, the storm that destroyed so many others. I remembered this one being in much worse shape, and indeed: compare with the picture in the previous post. Somebody’s been busy!

Aguas Dulces, Uruguay, November 2016

Lovely afternoon light. There’s a cat in the picture, and several more nearby.

Next morning, an amazing breakfast in an amazing setting. The onshore wind blows back the top of  the waves. The face of the farthest break is at least  two meters high.

Funky beach, funky houses.

Funky beach houses in Aguas Dulces, Uruguay

brightly painted garage, Aguas Dulces, Uruguay

¡Hasta luego, Aguas Dulces!



The triangles in the grate caught my eye, but there are so many other visual things going on as well.

The roof trusses in Syd and Gundy’s new house are complicated, and make a crazy spider web when projected onto the wall.



Montevideo: faces on buildings

Running errands in Montevideo the other day, I saw a building that seemed to share my sentiments about the weather.

Then, on Av. Italia, something I probably should have seen at some point but never have.

Teatro Cinematica 18, Av. 18 de Julio, Montevideo, Uruguay

But then, I note it wasn’t there in October 2015. And it’s not as though I’m on Avenida 18 de Julio driving, seeing as it’s one of my least favorite streets to drive on in Montevideo. Narrow lanes and lots of buses and pedestrians.

Teatro Cinematica 18, Montevideo, October 2915