On foot again

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I walked the few blocks to town today to take a bus to pick up our car from the mechanic, who spent the last couple days doing a couple hours’ work.

I saw this gnarly tree at the bus stop, then realized I had also never noticed the “expo” lot behind it, in the middle of town, where I have also never seen any activity. I’ll be watching it now for any signs of life.

Expo Rossi, Atlántida, Uruguay

It’s a pleasant treat, walking instead of riding a bike or driving, having time to see things I wouldn’t otherwise.

Of course, not having a muscular 30 kg leashed dog doing his best to dislocate my shoulder as I walk is also a pleasant treat.

dog with collar

As is avoiding the occasional interaction with loose dogs of irresponsible locals, which recently required preventing said dog access to certain parts of his anatomy for over a week.

I’ll spare you the details.

You’re welcome.



My family, back a ways

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The Mayflower connection

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

Founded 1897

Anyone who arrived in Plymouth as a passenger on the Mayflower is considered a Pilgrim, with no distinction being made on the basis of their original purposes for making the voyage. Proven lineage from a passenger, approved by a Historian General, qualifies one to be a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  – source

I don’t qualify.


Sarah Wardell, Mayflower

You’ve probably already guessed: Sarah Wardell, one of my 2,048 9th-great-grandparents, was of the family that owned the goddamned ship. Time for a

“General Society of Mayflower Owners” — ?

Oh, but it gets better:

Samuel Wardell, Salem Witch Trial victim

Did you know that the Salem Witch Hunt victims included men? Me neither. And there he is, one of my 2,048 9th-great-grandparents.

His son moved to Connecticut in 1735, where I was born over two centuries later.

Special thanks to Charles, husband of one of my two nieces, both named Amanda.






Spam comments

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The people that make WordPress have a neat plugin that filters out spam comments. Today it seems to have failed, and so my inbox has been filling with this pointless crap, with apparently requisite misspellings.

SPAM Chorizo
Gratuitous image of SPAM sort-of meat product, but OMG this is a real thing — click on image and weep….

I must admit, however, that I like the one about YouTube.

It’s wonfredul to have you on our side, haha!

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Return of the swimming hole

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I took this photo two days ago. We had been avoiding this route for several days because the water level had gotten so low that it only invited the dogs to get filthy. But my neighbor — who has a swimming pool — estimated earlier that we had gotten 1.5″ of rain in the early morning storm. Naturally Syd and I were curious to see how that translated in the doggy swimming hole.

dog swimming hole, Villa Argentina, Uruguay

Just wonderfully, it turns out! Plenty of room to splash around, lie down, or sit for a few seconds, looking goofy, before chasing each other around or digging holes (an activity frowned upon at home).

Now I can only wonder how deep will this get when we have continued rain? Stay tuned.



The eclipse

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I had spent the morning up to my eyeballs in accounting. When we sat down to Sunday brunch, we were both noticing that the day wasn’t very bright. Clouds? The respite from the hot sun was welcome.

It wasn’t until I finished my omelet that I remembered: the Ring of Fire eclipse!

Eclipse 2017-02-26 Uruguay

Alas, we missed the best part, but here’s what we did see, projected through a binocular lens.

Ironically, yesterday I made a little device for a friend to do first- and last-light shadow observations for a small group of pilots who are somehow convinced the earth is flat (pilots!). For those of us who are NASA-brainwashed, we at least have Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is that a spherical object is passing between this spherical planet and the sun. I’ve asked him to get the explanation of the flat earthers. If past experience serves, it will no doubt involve physics that can’t be duplicated or observed in any other aspect of the physical universe.

During my brief interaction with flat-earthers, I made a graphic for them.

Commercial airlines don't realize earth is flat




The medicine that mocks me

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Several days ago I got inspired by bench dips, and decided to add a few to my daily strength routine.

Great exercise! But then, after 24 hours, my right wrist — apparently not as flexible as the left — hurt enough that I didn’t do them again. The day after that, the pain was gone, so I did a few more. No pain, just a new stress on shoulder and upper pectoral muscles. Great exercise! But again, 24 hours later, more pain. And this time crazy swelling. Tendons not happy. Visit to doctor. X-ray. Wrist splint, ice, topical anti-inflammatory/analgesic. And anti-inflammatory medicine —


— which seems to be reminding me, if somewhat in the manner of a seventh-grader, that someone in his 60s might be better off not launching into exercises demonstrated by 20-somethings as if he himself were 20-something.

On the plus side, in a couple days I’ve gotten pretty damn good at typing with my left hand, and using a mouse lefty as well. Keypad usage is a bit problematic, but left-handed mousing could be a useful skill combined with right-handed keypadding.

Meanwhile, can’t wait ‘til this heals enough to try bench dips again.

Picard face palm

The trail goes cold

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This month marks ten years that we’ve lived continuously outside the US (this time ;-). That means ten years since we’ve received junk mail or catalogs* in our physical mailbox. In 2016, I mailed one letter and we received perhaps five. Though we maintain a physical address in the US and have a couple of phone numbers, this is what comes up (without paying) through internet sleuthing:

When you leave the US, the traces begin to fade

Another site offers this:

outdated info

And while we still have a business in the US, we have no utility bills in our names going to an address there. Seeing the way things are going with financial institutions, this could become a problem at some point.

But hey, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. Meanwhile it’s lovely to be obscure.

* do they still exist?

The real election question

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Yes, I’m an American. No, I didn’t vote in 2016. Or 2012. Or 2008. I honestly don’t remember about 2004, the year both major candidates were related, and belonged the small and secretive Skull and Bones cult at Yale. That might be when I decided to call it quits. Also, there was the “convenient” discrediting of paper ballets in the 2000 election, which allowed easily-rigged electronic voting machines to take over.

After 9-11 (which my wife called as an inside job before the second WTC building [of several, not just two] disappeared, causing our  part-time-police cleaning lady to walk out of our house, never to return), I began looking to alternative sources of information. Some sites were misleading, some bogus, some with unstated agendas, but a picture began to emerge: the official story was obviously a lie,1 and the mainstream media, 90% of which is owned by six corporations,2  was spouting that lie. Over and over.

So as the world reeled in shock yesterday at the US election results, I was shocked, too, to realize how many people still consider mainstream media a reliable source of information.

They reeled in shock because ‘everyone knew’ that the candidate whose supporters filled stadiums, sometimes several in one day, didn’t have a chance against the candidate that couldn’t fill a high school gym. And how, pray tell, did ‘everyone know’ that? Glad you asked:

Huffington Post propaganda

New York Times hoax election poll

Washington Post propaganda

(24 October 2016)

So the real election question: will you continue to regard these people as ‘experts who somehow got it wrong’ and accept their crocodile tear ‘apologies’ as genuine, or will you begin to see them for what they are, people paid to lie to you?

This is not a political question. It is more important than that.

1 the truth remains elusive, but an evidence (not hypothesis) based investigation yields fascinating results
2 based on comments from people from and in various countries, this lack of media diversity is not just in the US


Trump districts
Oh sorry, we’ll do better next time, honest – NYT

election fraud cartoon