Enchufar redux

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It’s been a long time since I introduced the subject of electrical outlets in Uruguay. A visit to the hospital reminded me of their wonderful weirdness here.

Shuko is common in Europe; “Inclinado” the standard in neighboring Argentina, and “Tres en linea,” my favorite, apparently the standard in Uruguay. But when your whole country is 3-1/2 million people, who – meaning people manufacturing electrical appliances for worldwide sales – particularly cares?

And of course, if you’re installing signs in Uruguay, who particularly cares that you glue the capital B to the wall upside and backwards?

Which perhaps has you thinking, I want to visit your wonderful little country. What should I do about my electrical needs?

The obvious answer is to throw your hands up in despair, and leave all your damned gadgets at home.

Or just stop by our place.

I probably have your needs covered.

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