The grand niece

I met my 4 month-old grand niece this week in Connecticut!

Though I can profess no knowledge of babies, nor child raising under age 11 for that matter, Mckenzie is a great baby.

As I traveled to meet her, though, I thought it weird that I could not remember ever having held a baby. Had I ever? My niece Amanda answered authoritatively…

… with a photo of me holding her 32 years ago (I’m holding that picture in the first photo).


4 Replies to “The grand niece”

  1. I can see the resemblance. Poor kid. ­čśÇ
    Congrats on having niece to spoil and send home to mom.

    1. Now now AJ, you’re forgetting the distances involved. But Amanda talks about bringing her to Uruguay next year, which would be awesome.

  2. I love both photos. I can also relate to the pleasure of knowing you are just holding, not taking care of, the baby. Both times.

    1. The time I spent with Amanda was wonderful and enlightening – I learned more than I imagined possible about poop, and burping, on and on (I asked ). She’s doing an amazing job. But: age 4 months, four jabs today before I left. Fingers crossed.

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