Harvesting aloe

Aloe (pronounced as a Canadian might say, aloe, eh) vera grows in abundance here. Today I saw another first in seven years: its harvest.

Harvesting aloe vera, Uruguay

Turns out they sell it to a laboratory that turns it into a skin product. For exactly what application I couldn’t catch. Uruguayan Spanish is not generally spoken in a crisp, clear way, and the guy at the truck, while friendly, was a little hard to understand. Anyway, they get USD 0.68 per kilo. Sounds like farmers grow fields of it. It wasn’t clear the connection between these guys and this little stand of aloe, apparently on private property in town, right off the main highway, the Ruta Interbalnearia.

Aloe is all kinds of good for your skin and more. Nice plant to have in the backyard, which we do. Easily planted, like so many things here: lop off a chunk of plant and stick it in the ground.


  1. Syd Blackwell says:

    Snails like it. I plucked and killed 35 from ours last night. They had completely ruined many leaves before I noticed them though.

  2. Paul says:

    Have you got more detailed pics what they harvest ?
    Looks like a big mess they leave around.

    • Doug says:

      I’ll check when I go out today. I also have a followup to the Villa Argentina “cleanup.”

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