I noted 2-1/2 years ago the improved beach access, even though the side rails had mostly gone away on the boardwalk nearest us.

I noted a year ago how the dunes had risen to their natural level, depositing a half-meter of sand on top of this boardwalk.

And, 8 months ago, how flooding had overwhelmed the same boardwalk.


Today, I see that — through accident or vandalism — the rail has started to go away. We’re not in heating season, so it may not disappear (as firewood) as quickly as in March 2012.

But probably no reason to think it will be repaired.

  1. akismet-df052fafff3cfef6b3554e4a0a81673d
    Oct 21, 2014

    Looks beautiful! We are planning on moving to Uruguay in about 3 years. My husband says we have to live near the water. The beach looks clean- can you walk mostly barefoot?

    • mydayinuy
      Oct 21, 2014

      I always walk barefoot on the beach when it’s warm enough. During high season (mid -December through mid-March) the beach gets cleaned every morning.

  2. Feliz año nuevo – My day in Uruguay
    Jan 04, 2017

    […] and while the dune has regained its height on the left, burying the elevated boardwalk, the path of least resistance has once again become the breach in the dune, which is now larger than ever. For a fun comparison of its early days, see this from October 2013. […]